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People today are barraged from many sides with toxins:

  • Colorants & Additives laced in our food
  • Chemicals added to make our drinking water safe
  • Toxic fumes in the air we breathe
  • Pesticides used on crops
  • Antibiotics and the drugs that are so freely prescribed that so many rely on for numerous ailments that often create more problems than they began with

  • GLUTEN we consume by the barrelful, much of it being high-calorie, low-nutrient dense, overly processed food that is beefing up our children and ourselves, and making us very sick

GLUTEN is very TOXIC for many people

Many of you, your children, family members, and/or friends have had nasty, varied, and multi-syllabic symptoms and ailments that have been going on for years, even decades, that you and your doctor (doctors – how many?) have not resolved.  You may have even come to accept your poor health and aching body as the norm, perhaps as part of growing older; and many of you are in sheer denial about the state of your health.

Since gluten may affect nearly any part of the body, then it would behoove all doctors in all specialties of medicine to understand what gluten can do to the human body and mind and to understand appropriate testing to be able to properly diagnose whether it is Celiac Disease or Non-Celiac Gluten Intolerance.

This does appear to be happening, but at a snail’s pace.   Yes, more and more cases are being diagnosed, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.  How many lie below the tip who are miserable with one or multiple ailments being caused by gluten?

Gluten intolerance extends far beyond
The present day traditional explanation of Celiac Disease

As one friend nicely put it, “The consciousness of doctors is not very high in regards to gluten.” Even years after the major Celiac Consensus Conference sponsored by the National Institutes of Health (2004) to find out what was happening in the US regarding Celiac Disease, no major medical body in this country is taking steps to seriously educate ALL of our doctors in every facet of medicine about the far-reaching ramifications of gluten consumption for millions who are gluten sensitive.

So it is necessary that you advocate for yourself by understanding and having a list of the important tests needed to unravel whether gluten may be at the root of your poor health.  You would be surprised, maybe even shocked, at the number of symptoms and ailments that disappear or get better when gluten is removed from the diet. I don’t say this lightly, but with experience and knowledge.  Empower your very own self (see: Empower Yourself).


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