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PLEASE consider not referring to people as ‘celiacs’; they are ‘people’ with gluten intolerance or celiac disease.

If dealing with children, PLEASE consider not using the term "Celiac Disease".  I think the word "disease" is very threatening for children. I’m not sure this is a disease.  To me, it is a toxicity issue that causes disease over time and exposure, and if we never consumed gluten we would never have the health issues connected to it.

With children, PLEASE talk about all the food they can eat; not the food they can’t eat (except for teaching them about what has gluten in it and how to read labels).  What I mean is: don’t say, “You can’t have this and you can’t have that.” Be positive!

Remember that if someone in your family is diagnosed with CD/GI parents, children, and siblings should be screened.  Many doctors do not stress this or the fact that a GF diet needs to be absolute.

To find a doctor who is knowledgeable about the gluten issue contact one of the national support groups listed in Resources. Understand that they may only have the traditional (blood testing) viewpoint.  Or hang out in the GF section of a health food store and ask someone. Of course, you could always go directly to EnteroLab, which has the best, most sensitive testing.















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