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ENTEROLAB, www.enterolab.com, established by Dr. Kenneth Fine, a gastroenterologist who is dedicated to researching Gluten Sensitivity, offers STOOL TESTING that is far more sensitive than blood testing (and thus superior) in detecting this insidious Gluten Sensitivity.  Most of the members of my own family did not test positive on the blood tests, but did on the stool tests.  Many people, including myself, after years of being ‘sick and tired’ found this specialized patented stool testing and have turned their health around with a Gluten-Free Diet (GFD). In my book, Toxic Staple, I share many inspirational stories about the transformative GFD and the difference it can make in one’s health and energy.

The antigliadin antibody is picked up in the stool, since it is produced in the small intestine, long BEFORE it gets into the BLOOD; this is a hugely PREVENTATIVE aspect of doing the stool testing followed by the GFD if positive.


This is a most valuable article that will help explain why stool testing is superior to blood testing. It will be found on both of Dr. Fine’s websites.  It is a must read; share it with your doctor. More open-minded doctors will use EnteroLab or you may order the tests yourself.

Go to www.enterolab.com and zero in on his testing page or call 972-686-6869.  Be sure to read his FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) and the testimonials.  The whole site is most informative.  In my experience, everyone who has discovered this stool testing is elated to finally have a diagnosis. Read more about stool testing in Toxic Staple

The Gluten Sensitivity Stool Panel consists of a malabsorption test, and the tTG: IgA and the AGA: IgA antibody stool tests that will very likely track down an insidious Gluten Sensitivity. Whether it is Celiac Disease or Gluten Intolerance doesn’t really matter according to Dr. Fine; if you have an intolerance you need to ditch gluten to avoid many associated chronic and degenerative conditions.

You may begin with just the Antigliadin Antibody test; if positive on this one test you are Gluten Sensitive, according to Dr. Fine. You can then go back and do the genetic test (cheek swab) or the malabsorption, tTG, or dairy/milk intolerance separately, as the stool samples are kept for 6 weeks. You get more for the buck if you do the 3-part panel.  Call them if you have any questions. (I am in no way connected to EnteroLab, I just believe in Dr. Fine’s work).


A positive Antigliadin Antibody (AGA) test

Means you are Gluten Sensitive

And need a strict GF Diet

For future wellness

ENTEROLAB lab is the only lab utilizing this specialized patented stool testing for detecting the Antigliadin Antibody and the tTG before it gets into the blood. If you have had a stool test elsewhere it would be a different test.

Since a high percentage of folks who are Gluten Sensitive are also intolerant to dairy you may want to add the milk protein sensitivity test. Adding the gene test (mouth swab) will reveal your genetic predisposition. Important if you have children or siblings/parents with chronic issues.

ENTEROLAB offers testing for other food sensitivities: dairy, soy, egg, yeast, and other proteins that may also raise havoc in the body.

“Stool testing for the antigliadin antibodies is so much more sensitive than blood tests that the antibodies can still be detected in the intestine up to 1-2 years after beginning the GF Diet; this depends on each person’s ability to produce the IgA antibodies,” according to EnteroLab.

Children - According to Dr. Fine, “Stool testing for IgA antibodies can be done as early as 12 months in a symptomatic child and 18 months in an asymptomatic child. This is not true for serum (blood) testing, as serum testing is often falsely negative at any age.”

Immunosuppressants and other heavy drugs, as well as IgA Deficiency (see: Traditional Testing), can also affect results of the stool tests.

If the malabsorption test shows that you are not absorbing fats, this could mean your villi are flattened and damaged to some degree.  Most in my family did not test positive on the blood tests, but did test positive on Dr. Fine’s stool test. Most of us chose not to do the endoscopy (which generally requires a positive blood test).  The malabsorption test showed I was malabsorbing quite a bit.  I knew by the test (and the fatigue and the state of my health) my villi were flat without subjecting myself to a biopsy, a somewhat invasive and expensive procedure. The endoscopic biopsy is the traditional route if you test positive on a blood test. New research discussed in Toxic Staple suggests that the “gold standard” endoscopic biopsy may be coming the “old standard.” You do have a choice here (on the endoscopy) if you wish to exercise it.

The real proof, however, lies

In your response to the GF Diet

One daughter who was negative on the blood tests and negative on the endoscopy, yet fading away, was positive on the antigliadin antibody test. Needless to say we were most thankful to get a diagnosis through the stool testing; the blood test and the biopsy were of no use. She is the picture of health today.

Stool testing at EnteroLab is “out of pocket,” but ask for the proper receipts as it may be retroactively covered.  It will be the best money you have ever spent if you are “sick and tired of being sick and tired,” and especially if you have gotten nowhere with the blood tests.

Dr. Fine’s www.finerhealth.com also has the most interesting intestinal info.  He answers many questions about gluten sensitivity and colitis.  Be sure to read, “Who should be screened for gluten sensitivity?” at the bottom of his FAQ’s on Gluten Sensitivity.  You will be amazed by the information on his two websites.


Dr. Aristo Vojdani, an immunologist and chief scientific advisor for Cyrex Laboratories, asserts that many diseases can be identified up to 10 years before they manifest themselves clinically and that hormonal imbalances signal pending illness. His research clearly links gluten and other cross-reactive proteins to autoimmune diseases. Go to www.theglutensyndrome.net and click on “New tests are here! Cyrex labs.com” for more information on this cutting-edge doctor.

Google: NeuroImmunology: From Leaky Gut to Leaky Brain at www.publichealthalert.org/Articles/scottforsgren/neuroimmunology.htm.

For an audio and power point presentation of Dr. Vojdani’s research, go to www.theglutensyndrome.net.


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