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Presently, I am working on a book to further educate the public about the many tentacles of gluten sensitivity.  The stories are incredible and cover a huge array of symptoms and chronic health issues.  Here’s a glimpse of a few of the amazing results from going Gluten-Free:
  • The dramatic turnaround in a non-verbal, violent, non-interactive 3 year old whose parents could have opted for prozac to treat the diagnosis of autism, but instead chose a gluten-free/dairy-free diet..

  • A long journey back to health from multi-systemic disorders related to thyroid, adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia, candida, hormonal imbalances, food and environmental sensitivities and allergies, sleep disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, emotional and behavioral disorders, depression and more.  This is a one-woman story of huge gluten-free/dairy-free success.

  • Thirty-five years of gut and other issues subside on a GF diet: IBS, gas pain, heartburn, reflux, headaches, anemia, brain fog, and infertility.

  • Plagued with gut issues, massive migraines, dental enamel problems, miscarriages, severe joint pain (RA), eczema, osteopenia at age 34, and more.  At 18 months the tip-off could have been Gluten Ataxia, a balance issue known to be caused by gluten. Presently in a study connecting Celiac Disease with Pancreatic disorders.

  • Fading away and looking anorexic, this is the perfect example of the inadequacies of blood testing and the endoscopic biopsy.  Testing positve on the EnteroLab stool test, the dull pain in her side has subsided with the GF diet and she looks and feels very healthy.

  • With multiple health issues encompassing anemia, major gut problems, chronic joint pain (knee and back), enlarged spleen, elevated blood platelets, significant memory issues, chronic fatigue and weakness, and much more, this history is an example of the tremendous waste of health insurance dollars (and his own $$ and time) over 30 years and 37 doctors, for numerous unnecessary tests, drugs, and doctor visits that did not resolve a thing.

  • Three autoimmune diseases later and disgusted with the medical community this woman was diagnosed with CD at age 45, having suffered numerous symptoms since high school days.

  • Nearly wheelchair bound and dependent on a cane, he diagnosed himself with Gluten Ataxia and was walking without a cane 3 days after beginning the GF diet.  The medical experts thought this debilitating disease was normal pressure hydrocephalus and were about to install a shunt into his skull.

  • At age 90, she teaches piano 30 hours a week and works out at the gym.  With a wasting disease as a child, she was formally diagnosed with CD at age 45 after nearly dying.  Today she is going strong.

  • My own story spreads over the whole family: 3 daughters, 4 grandchildren, my husband, and myself. (I expect my parents and much extended family were/are gluten sensitive).

have changed DRAMATICALLY by following a strict GF Diet

It’s amazing what the littlest bit of the toxic gluten protein can do to the human body and mind; removing the nasty gluten can often have immediate turnaround results or it may take longer depending on your health issues.  No matter what your health concerns are, please don’t wait any longer to detect gluten sensitivity to enhance your well-being and longevity.

I could fathom a very educated guess at the amount of illness that might disappear if gluten were eliminated from the diet.  It’s huge! No drugs* or surgery needed!  Two out of two in my family who used to frequently visit the doctors and return with antibiotics or some other drug, now only go for health checkups.


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*Never stop taking prescribed medication without consulting your doctor.

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