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The GFD is not only preventative

 It can stop in its tracks

And even reverse many health issues

Having Gluten Sensitivity means that your body cannot handle the gluten protein and that over time it will most likely cause irreparable damage to some or many parts of your body.  You may not see or feel it happening, but then you may develop Type 1 Diabetes, Thyroid issues, Osteoporosis, Anemia, or perhaps even Stomach or Throat Cancer; the list of associated maladies is endless as you will discover in my book, Toxic Staple.

If one were diagnosed as having sensitivity to gluten, whether it was Celiac Disease (CD) or Non-Celiac Gluten Intolerance (GI), it would behoove them to follow a strict Gluten-Free Diet.  This is not really a diet; it is a lifestyle change for the rest of your life that may lead you to wellness.  “Make today the day you are going to make a positive change for your health and longevity!”

The GF Lifestyle MUST BECOME 100%

If you test positive for CD/GI, 99% is not good enough if you really care about your future health.  The littlest bit of gluten can keep those antibodies damaging your villi or attacking various other parts of your body.

The new proposed FDA guidelines for a product to be labeled GLUTEN-FREE are 20 ppm (parts per million).  Do you know what that is?  It’s nothing! Crumbs of gluten will send some people to the hospital or to bed for two weeks and others won’t even know that the damage is still going on because it is minimal (but cumulative over time).  This is a most insidious malady!

20 ppm is NOTHING

Crumbs will keep the damage going

It is important that you get tested for Celiac Disease/Non-Celiac Gluten Intolerance before beginning the GF Diet.  This is not a diet/diet; it is a lifetime commitment to removing a Toxic Staple from your everyday diet that is making you sick and tired. It is most helpful if you see in black and white that you are really intolerant (though you may already have a ‘gut feeling’); it will help you stay on the diet.

If you have an aversion to doctors or can’t afford the tests, you certainly could do the GF Diet for a few weeks to a few months (but I always suggest people find a doctor experienced in CD/GI) and see how your life begins to change, possibly within a few days to a few weeks. But understand that the GF Diet needs to be absolute (if you are gluten intolerant) and it may take a while for you to “absorb” this new lifestyle; a few mistakes will be made as you learn this healthy new lifestyle. When your health improves you must still remain on the GF Diet for all the reasons mentioned under “Symptoms and Maladies” and the myriad examples referred to in my book, Toxic Staple.


Many who are gluten sensitive are intolerant to other proteins

Touch base with a support group or begin one yourself; it is most helpful to share product information, recipes, research and especially the positive wellness aspects of the diet.  Try to be there for others once you get a handle on the diet.

Gluten is the protein chiefly found in wheat, rye, and barley (and oats due to contamination).  The less known grains containing gluten are spelt, triticale, einkorn, farro, and kamut; durum and semolina are types of wheat that also contain gluten.  It is found in many processed foods. There was practically nothing out there for GF products prior to 2002.  WOW, how that has changed!  A few new terms will help you look for hidden gluten, and many recipes are easily adapted to being gluten free.

There is tremendous information available to you through national and local support groups, books, videos, recipes, websites, periodicals, and advocates who want to help.  This is a very doable lifestyle with a bit of effort.  Just think what the payoff will be! You are in charge of your own health!

The reward of renewed health, energy, vitality, and enhanced longevity, not to mention the preventative aspects of the GF Diet in lessening the risk for developing numerous ailments, autoimmune diseases, and cancers, is STUPENDOUS!

My new book, Toxic Staple, is overflowing with  personal stories and significant research that reflect the positive affects of adhering to a gluten-free lifestyle.

YOU and ONLY YOU have the potential to prevent or minimize your risk of developing life-threatening ailments with the Gluten-Free Diet that will begin to change your life.



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