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Dr. Rodney Ford, a pediatric gastroenterologist from NZ, asserts that the small intestine is only
1 of 10
organs in the body that may be damaged by the gliadin protein; and that the AGA: IgA and IgG antigliadin antibody tests are most important in diagnosing, especially with children.  His website, www.doctorgluten.com, answers numerous questions; it has a wealth of information.  Some of his articles may also be found at www.celiac.com and he has written numerous easy to understand books on the gluten issue. His heart lies in educating folks about gluten and changing the lives of his patients.


Dr. Lewey, a gastroenterologist from Colorado Springs, offers many in-depth articles on his website www.thefooddoc.com. You will find articles on the intricacies of testing and genetics related to gluten and other timely articles on resolving your health issues.

In support of Dr. Fine’s stool testing, Dr. Lewey asserts that the EnteroLab stool testing is:

“100% SENSITIVE for CD

And highly sensitive for gluten sensitivity of lesser degrees

In the presence of symptoms that reverse on a gluten-free diet.

Abnormal stool antibody levels

 Can be found in most people

Before the blood tests or biopsies become abnormal.”

Translation: the antibody can be found in the stool before it ever gets into the blood or even has a chance to damage your villi.  By the time it is discovered in the blood many people have had nasty symptoms going on for a quite a while.


Dr. Hoggan is co-author of Dangerous Grains and Cereal Killers: Celiac Disease and Gluten-Free A to Z, and author of Get the Iron Edge. An educator, he is a devoted advocate of CD/GI and has written over 60 articles based on research connecting gluten to anything from acne, endometriosis, leukemia, panic attacks and much, much more.



I have not included some of the other gluten gurus because they are stuck in the “Celiac only…blood testing mode…with villous atrophy” and do not have the vision of the doctors mentioned above who are making huge strides in diagnosing people and providing major self-help info.

These “on the cutting-edge” doctors are working tirelessly to bring information to you through better testing, more research, and incredible, informative websites.



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