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X-Gluten.com - a collection of the best and most comprehensive information about gluten intolerance diagnosis and the latest resources for testing, diagnosis, research, medical information, gluten-free diets, and more.


Anne Sarkisian is a volunteer advocate.  She is not a medical expert but has read extensively and wants to share information that has been very helpful in solving many ailments in her own family. Sarkisian is not  financially associated with the labs mentioned on this site.

The author of this website has gone out of her way to present valuable, reliable, and accurate information on Celiac Disease (CD) and Non-Celiac Gluten Intolerance (GI). How the reader applies this information is NOT the responsibility of the author of this site, or the author or publisher of Toxic Staple. 

ALWAYS consult with medical professionals who are well-informed about Celiac Disease (CD) and Non-Celiac Gluten Intolerance (GI).  The information on this website is only an aid and should not be used as a substitute for competent medical expertise in the treatment and diagnosis of CD/GI. Although a gluten-free lifestyle has brought miracle results to many, the author of this site does not guarantee any such results; each case is very different, and the gluten-free diet must be absolute. How the reader applies this information is NOT the liability of the author.  

NEVER stop taking a prescribed medication without consulting a doctor, preferably one that is versed in CD/GI.  Consult your doctor before taking supplements; too much of some can be toxic. Some meds may contain hidden gluten, so be sure to check with your doctor or pharmacist.

ALWAYS check the gluten-free status of food products being consumed as ingredients may frequently change.

Most of the information presented on this site is fairly common in the celiac/gluten world and may be found in many of the references listed on the "Resources" page. The labs and doctors have given approval.

Knowledge in the area of gluten intolerance is constantly changing, and some information may become obsolete.






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