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“One of my grandchildren had 10 - 12 symptoms!

 His doctor didn’t have a clue!”

Driven by the lack of adequate knowledge among medical and healthcare professionals about the complexities of gluten sensitivity, Anne Sarkisian has become an ardent advocate for Celiac Disease and Non-Celiac Gluten Intolerance (CD/GI).  She wants people who care about their health and longevity to understand the ramifications of continued gluten consumption, if sensitive, and to have at their fingertips adequate testing information so they may enlighten themselves and communicate with their doctors about the enigma in diagnosing gluten sensitivity.

She is the author of Toxic Staple: How GLUTEN May be Wrecking Your Health and What You Can Do About It!

For more information, view the informative YouTube video and learn more at www.toxicstaple.com.

  Anne Sarkisian

Sarkisian has read extensively since her family detected a gluten sensitivity in 2004—over 2000 abstracts and studies, and numerous book—and she has attended many conferences, and is constantly searching for new information associating gluten with maladies that are very common, and may be very degenerative and life threatening over time.  She finds there is no shortage of information! There is, however, a severe shortage in the transfer of significant research on Gluten Sensitivity to our doctors and health professionals. Much more research is needed.

Reaching out to those who are already diagnosed or to those who might need to be, Sarkisian has garnered a wide understanding of the deleterious effects of gluten on the human body. She empowers the reader to turn their own health around with adequate testing and, if positive, a gluten-free lifestyle.

Married with three daughters and four grandchildren, Anne, as well as everyone in her family, follow a Gluten-Free Way of Life and enjoy wonderful health, energy and vitality.

A graduate of the University of New Hampshire (’64), she was an elementary teacher before having her own family and delving into the arts. She lives in New Hampshire with her husband.

As a member of the Clever Hand Gallery (www.cleverhandgallery.com), an artisan’s cooperative in Wellesley, Mass., Sarkisian is a fiber artist and jewelry designer who spontaneously creates hand-painted silk scarves and designs jewelry using gemstones, or silk and fancy papers adorned with old buttons, beads, and wire.

For 20 years, Sarkisian has had the honor of exhibiting at Art In Bloom at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and has been an ardent competitor of interpretive/abstract floral design at the New England Spring Flower Show in Boston having attained Best of Show and many Creativity and Designer’s Choice Awards.  She is a Master Flower Show Judge accredited by the National Federation of Garden Clubs.



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